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The 28-Day Jump Start Fitness Program That's Transforming the Bodies and Lives of Local Capital Region Residents No Matter Where They're Starting
Are You Ready To Take the 
4 Weeks 2 FIT Challenge?
Hurry, This $28 Offer Won't Last Long!
"Proof" That We Have ALREADY Dramatically Changed The Bodies And Lives Of Countless Capital Region Residents!
Can You Lose Weight, Burn Fat and Build Muscle In Just 28 Days?
Hi, I'm Corey House, the Owner of FIT Strength & Conditioning, and my team's mission is to help you finally reach your fitness goals, the same way we have done for thousands of other Capital Region residents.

We care about your success and will work with you every step of the way on your journey to better health. From the time you sign up we'll give you all of the tools and support you need so that your goals become a reality.

So many people struggle to get started and that is exactly why we created this program - to help you take that first step toward getting the body you need to look & feel your best. 

 You are worth it, and your time is NOW!
4 Weeks 2 FIT ... 28 Days For Just $1 Per Day.
It's as simple as 1, 2, 3 ... 4!
What Is 4 Weeks 2 FIT? And 
How Does It Work?
4 Weeks 2 FIT is a 28-day workout challenge that is designed to help people just like you shed fat and build new lean muscle so you can look, feel and perform your best!

Our friendly and encouraging trainers will guide you through every workout, explaining exactly what to do and showing you exactly how to do it.

You'll never be left on your own to figure things out on your own, and you'll receive expert instruction so that you never have to worry if you're doing exercises with proper form.

And the BEST PART ... our cutting edge workout program is designed to challenge beginners and advanced athletes alike ... so you'll be able to work to your potential no matter where you are in your fitness journey!

So how exactly does this program work and what can you expect?

Here is the process that we've laid out so that you can get started as easy as possible ...
Sign Up For 4 Weeks 2 FIT
Sign up for the 4 Weeks 2 FIT Challenge for just $28 by tapping the big green button on this page. For just $28 you'll receive 12  workouts over the course of 4 weeks.
Customize Your Program
After signing up, you'll customize your 4 Weeks 2 FIT Challenge to fit your individual needs so you can get the most from your first 4 weeks at FIT Strength & Conditioning!  You'll also select the membership option you'd like to continue with after your first 4 weeks, which you can opt out of anytime in your first 21 days.
Complete Waiver & Select Your Start Date
After signing up, you'll complete the online waiver where you'll select your start date.  We'll also ask you about your fitness goals, how you heard about us and if anyone referred you to this program.  If you become a member, you'll receive a $50 membership credit for every new member you refer ;-)
Our Staff Will Get You Set Up To Begin
Once we receive your waiver & start date, our staff will begin setting you up in our (super simple) booking system so that you can begin scheduling your first week of workouts.  We'll have you up & ready to go within 24 hours of signing up!
Begin 4 Weeks 2 FIT!
Now it's go time! Just show up 10 minutes early on your first day and our friendly trainers will greet you with open arms and introduce you to other members of our awesome fitness community. Then it's time to get to work!
Continue With a Membership
(If You Like Our Program)
If you decide our program is exactly what you're looking for, and that we'll be able to help your reach your goals, you can sign up for one of our membership options to become a permanent part of the FIT Strength Squad for as little as $39 per week!
BONUS: Be Entered To Win $500 OFF a Membership at FIT Strength & Conditioning!
Everyone who completes 12 workouts in 4 weeks will be entered to win $250 OFF a membership at FIT Strength & Conditioning!  Each Saturday at 10:30AM we'll draw 3 raffle tickets for the winners.  We're confident that after working out with us 12 times in 4 weeks you'll want to continue so that you can build on the amazing results you'll achieve in just 4 short weeks ... and when you complete all 12 workouts, we're going to reward you by offering you the chance to be one of 3 lucky people at each location to win $250 OFF a membership with us!  And to make it even better, you can 3X your chances of winning for every person you refer during your 4 Weeks 2 FIT Challenge!
Who Is 4 Weeks 2 FIT For?
The 4 Weeks 2 FIT Challenge was designed specifically for local residents who want ...
  A program that's easy to follow and stick to
  To work with fun, energetic, experienced trainers!
  Fitness professionals who are experts in their field!
  A supportive fitness community to workout with!
  To make a permanent body transformation!
  To lose weight & achieve great results fast!
  To gain strength & have more muscle tone!
Who Is This NOT For?
4 Weeks 2 FIT Is NOT For You If ...
  You are not a local resident
  You're only looking for a "quick fix"
  You complain a lot
  You hate having fun
  You hate working out and eating healthy
Get Your Workouts Done In Less Than 1 Hour
So you can spend less time exercising, and more time doing the things your life requires!
Burn Fat For Up To 24 Hours After Your Workout
Workout & eat In a way that allows your body To burn MORE fat around the clock even when you're sleeping!
Have More Energy To Enjoy Your Life
Have more energy every day so that you can keep up with your children and enjoy life to its fullest!
33 Session Times Per Week To Choose From 
At All 3 Locations ...
Monday - Friday
🕔 5:15AM
🕔 6:15AM
🕔 9:30AM
🕔 4:15PM
🕔 5:15PM
🕔 6:15PM
🕔 6:30AM
🕔 7:30AM
🕔 8:30AM
🕔 9:30AM
4 Weeks 2 FIT FAQ
Where are you located?
We have 3 locations in the Capital Region.  Please see the maps at the bottom of this page to see which location works best for you.
When are you classes?
We have 6 sessions per day during the week at 5:15AM, 6:15AM, 9:30AM, 4:15PM, 5:15PM and 6:15PM.  On Saturday mornings we have 4 sessions at 6:30AM, 7:30AM, 8:30AM and 9:30AM.  We are closed on Sunday.
Do I have to select a membership to do this program?
4 Weeks 2 FIT is a program for new clients who are looking for a fitness program and community that will help them reach and maintain their goals.  You are not required to select a membership to participate in 4 Weeks 2 FIT.  If you decide you like our program and want to continue just let us know and we'll help set you up with a membership!
How much is a membership?
Choose from 33 workout times each week and 3 locations, all for one fixed rate.  Memberships start from $39 per week.  No extra costs.  No hidden fees.
Do you have showers?
We do NOT have showers or locker rooms.  We DO have bathrooms and changing rooms if you need to change before or after your workout.
I'm just getting started, can I do this?
Yes, absolutely!  We work with all fitness levels and abilities.  We have modifications for every exercise and we can scale the workouts to your fitness level.  You'll never be pushed to do something that is unsafe or that will put you at risk of injury or embarrassment.
At Just $28 Spots Are Limited.  Sign Up Now!
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