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6-Week Transformation Program
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Okay, quick question - and be honest with yourself - how many times have you told yourself you would start dieting or working out tomorrow ... or Monday ... or after this last bite of ice cream? 😂

Sure, everyone wants to get into great shape and look great in front of the mirror, but most never ever get there. 

Why?  Because of that little voice that sabotages you ... it tells you "it's never going to happen" or "hmmm, let's just give up". 

It’s that cruel voice in the back of your head that you just can't shake.

But guess what?  There’s way to get rid of the cruel voice.  
Having now helped 1,000's of Capital Region residents  get the body they want, we want to share our 6 Week Transformation Challenge with you so YOU TOO can finally get into great shape and have the body you want.  
Check Out Our Systematized Transformation Process ...
New Workouts Everyday
You will be WITH A TRAINER 3 days per week taken through the most cutting edge workouts available to help you melt fat, tone up, and see results fast.  AND - You will be able to track your own progress which will help you continue to improve, avoid plateaus and keep seeing results far past your 6 weeks.
Nutrition Plan
We give you your own custom meal plan based on your weight.  You'll eat exactly what you need based on your body, schedule, and food preferences, so it is not only doable, but it's enjoyable too!  We adjust every week as needed to make sure you see results week after week. 
Grocery List 
We also provide you with a detailed grocery list so you know what to buy at the grocery store, and leave nothing to guesswork. The average person spends  about $45/week on groceries for 21 meals at Walmart or Trader Joe's.  Our process will cut down on your time in the grocery store with most people getting in and out in under 20 minutes.
Direct Line of Contact
Not only will you have us when you are in the gym working out, but you will also be able to contact to your personal accountability coach whenever you need for help, tips, advice, or just someone to give you some extra encouragement. We are here to help you succeed. They will also CHECK-IN WEEKLY to congratulate you on your success and keep you on track if you're struggling.

Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

Our 6-Week Transformation Challenge is an incredible way to start your fitness journey, and it’s for people just like you who are interested in creating massive positive change in your life RIGHT NOW!  We should know ... we've helped transform the lives of thousands of motivated Capital Region residents just like you 😉

Like I said, this 6 Week Challenge is an incredible opportunity & we will take your transformation to an entirely new level, bringing you closer to the person you have wanted to be for so long! 
- Corey, Owner at FIT Strength & Conditioning
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"I regret signing up to workout and be healthy"
- Said No One Ever 😂
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